Welcome To The  4S Goat Expo


Saturday & Sunday



October 5&6 2013

Lincoln County Fairgrounds








2013 Goat Expo


This year, the expo will be held in North Platte, NE at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. There are several changes this year so please watch the web site for updates.

The goal of our expo is not only to educate you on the subject of goats, but also to help you form a network of other producers to help you along the way. Whether you're brand new to the business, or a more seasoned member, there is something for everyone!

Saturday the 5th, starting at 7:00 and running till 10:00 we will be checking in the goats. Seminar registration will run from 9:00 to 10:00 am, with the seminar starting at 10:00 am and lasting until 5:00 pm. With a lunch break from 12-1 pm.  The afternoon expo will break into 2 sessions (advanced & Goat 101).

The speakers that come to teach us travel long distances in hope of enlightening us and your support is appreciated. Dr. Fred Homeyer will be speaking this year.

On Sunday, the show will begin at 9:00 am with the sale following.

We will also hold a best dressed goat at the show.

We'd like to encourage as many show and sale entries as possible for the educational and economical of you, but please note the rules!

-Sale goats must be entered into the show.

-Show goats do not have to be entered into the sale.

-If you plan on showing and/or selling, we do require you to register for the seminar on Saturday. Remember, we're here to help you, so please take advantage of the information at the seminar!

Goats will check in Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 AM with the seminar starting at  10:00 AM.  The show will start Sunday at 9:00 AM and the sell at 1:00 PM.  The program will be held at the Lincoln County Fair Grounds located at 5015 West Highway 30, North Platte Nebraska.

REMINDER- Those planning to bring goats need to have a veterinarian certificate to come to the show and sale.  You will need to get it from your local vet.  Please have either a duplicate copy or have your vet sign a second copy.












The seminar will run from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, October 5.








Featured Speaker: 

Dr. Fred Homeyer

Dr. Frank Pinkerton

Dr. Ken McMillin




will cover many topics, including:

-visual appraisal of goats for muscle

-Youth Demonstraion on showing

-US Goat Situation Report

-Goat carcass quality and yield characteristics

Due to popular demand, we will again be holding a producer panel that includes producers from across the Midwest.